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Trailer Hitches
installed here!

Two common hitches and their weight capacities.

This is a 7-pin, RV type socket. This is a common style found on heavier duty tow vehicles. The extra terminals are for the trailer's brakes, backup lights, and 12-volt power to the trailer. The diagram shows the terminal locations and their functions.

Thie device shown at right is a trailer brake control. It is used when towing heavier trailers equipped with their own brakes.This device, which is connected to the tow-vehicle's brake pedal, applies the correct amount of braking force to the trailer's brakes (electrically, through the trailer plug). This device has adjustment knobs that are set by you, the driver, and is mounted within easy reach on the dashboard underside.

4-pin-flat type connector is the most common style, and is found on most light duty trailers and tow vehicles. The trailer taillights, blinkers, and stoplights, all function through this connector. There also exists a 5-pin flat connector which has an additional wire for the reverse lights. This 5-pin connector is less common.

Why come to us for your trailer hitch installation? We use products from DrawTite and Curt Manufacturing almost exclusively. These companies are recognized as the best because they do their homework when designing hitches and electrical components. Modern vehicles require modern trailer hitch installation procedures and we are up to the minute on these requirements. All of the nuts & bolts need to be installed to a specified tightness for each vehicle, and the electrical components must have the proper connectors, wire thickness and routing for a trouble free service life. We’ve got all of this covered. When you have your trailer hitch installed at Cyclevan, we guarantee a top-notch fit and appearance, plus flawless performance.