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We have been providing Sunroof Repairs, adjustments and tune-ups on all sunroofs and moon roofs for  25+ years. It does not matter if your sunroof is a factory-installed (original equipment) sunroof  or an aftermarket sunroof. We can repair it for you properly, because we know how sunroofs work (and not-work), and we know how and where to get any replacement sunroof parts that may be needed.

Remember, we service sunroofs in all models of cars, SUVs and trucks.

Here are some common questions and our answers to them:

Q: My car's sunroof has started to leak. Will it be expensive to fix?

A: Obviously, this question can't be answered without inspecting the car, but leaks are usually simple to diagnose, and  therefore  relatively inexpensive to repair. The typical automotive sunroof has a "water management system" or drain system that may become clogged with debris such as leaves and cobwebs. This condition is the most common, and the most simple to reverse.

Q: My sunroof glass is broken. What should I do next?

A: If you can get to our shop, we will temporarily cover the open hole in the roof with a special weatherproof plastic material that does not leave residue of any kind when removed later. We will then locate a replacement sunroof panel for you in the quickest, most affordable manner possible. Most of the time, we will find your replacement glass at fraction of the cost quoted by your car dealer.  Once a replacement has been received, we will immediately schedule your car for installation. Usually a replacement can be secured in only 1 to 3 days.

Q: My sunroof is stuck open. Now what?

A: If no sound at all is heard when pressing the switch, check the fuse in (or near) the fuse panel. If the fuse isn't the problem and the sunroof is jammed, it could be any number of things either mechanical or electrical in nature. If this kind of emergency should happen to you, call us and  we'll  make ourselves immediately  available to get your sunroof closed, and give you an assessment of the subsequent repair needed. While there is a charge for us to close your sunroof, it will always be fair and reasonable.

Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your sunroof, take a moment and  give us a call at Cyclevan for any Sunroof Repair issue.   Call 732-238-3110

We'll help you love your car again.

Sunroof Repair