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What is the 3rd Man Seat ?

Seating for Ford
and  Chevy/GMC vans

gm 3rd man install 2pgs.pdf

Chevy/GMC  3rd man seat kit fits the Express/Savana vans 2003 and up.

929.00 (+ UPS)

e-van 3rd man v2.pdf

Ford Econoline van 3rd man seat kit fits 2001 and up.

879.00 (+ UPS)

The 3rd man seat installs in the space between the driver and passenger seats in your Ford Econoline van or Chevy Express/GMC Savana van. The installation is straightforward because the brackets are well designed, the instructions are simple to follow, and the supplied cardboard templates make drilling the mounting holes easy. The 3rd man seat’s back folds down to make an armrest and includes 2 drink holders. There's a handy storage area under the seat cushion for maps and other stuff.

Say goodbye to the 5-gallon pail or milk crate you have been using as a seat.

Installation instructions
for Chevy/GMC vans

Installation instructions
for Ford Econoline vans