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Running Boards
& Steps

Fiberglass painted running boards available for vans and pickups. We offer these fully installed or in the box. They come with all necessary brackets and rubber step treads.

Diamond plate running boards are perfect for commuter vans, church vans, and school vehicles. This style of running board has a step depth of 6 to 6.5 inches

Black or Chrome. Either way you get a generous, sturdy step surface with a rubber tread. All aluminum so rust isn’t even a possibility.

Hoop steps come in black or silver. They’re 20” wide and fit lots of vans and trucks.

running board bracket kit

Bracket kit

step bars black and stainless

Step Bars or Nerf Bars. These are the most economical way to install steps on a vehicle. We prefer the stainless steel ones because there is a lifetime warrantee against rust. Is the stainless a little more expensive than the black finish? Yes it is, but not by much.